"I have sat in the rear of your room and watched Dr. Woolston clarify towards the Bible students how Jesus Christ changed water to wine, and he illustrated it having a trick of magic which is pretty a widespread phenomenon within the magician's line. I've observed him illustrate the multiplication of loaves of bread inside the very same way. We even went farther. We succeeded in demonstrating the story from the Creation"bringing the earth and water, then light and sun, along with the moon and man. I feel Dr. Woolston's notion has been marvelous and his perform has been most successful.

"Yet magic has been applied to much more prosaic uses. swiss patek philippe replica watches In recent months it has turn into really preferred with salesmen, despite the fact that they've resorted to it on a extra or less smaller scale from time immemorial.

"Scores of salesmen trot in right here every day to inquire about some little short article by which they may possibly win their way in to the great graces of a prospect. They, say it helps small business along. As an illustration, for the golf ball salesman I have a trick array of golf balls by which he can produce five balls from one which he has at first.

"For the purveyor of cigars I have the trick cigar. He provides it to you and as you attain for it, it vanishes"up his sleeve. Just slightly laugh to begin you off on, then commences the method of placing his solution more than. Loads of these gents come more than in the garment district. They're generally in search of tricks to accomplish with pieces of cloth material. They get it also, all of the way from trick handkerchiefs to stockings which can be changed into shirtwaists, which ought to become a fantastic report to sell in any market place fake patek philippe watches . But this can be magic I'm talking about"and apt to become deceiving.

"A man within this business, and I doubt if there are 5 in the identical trade throughout the whole country, has got to keep abreast from the occasions. I've to follow the day's events, the styles and fashions. No day slips by but what I do not turn out something new best patek philippe replicas patek philippe replicas . Lots of instances I notice a list of your world's toughest jobs but nobody ever thinks of me. What about these magicians who stroll in right here and proposition me to complete the impossible"

Next Professor Ducrot brought forth two small wooden cubes, painted on all sides in many colors. Placed between the thumb and index finger, he twisted them to ensure that the colors shifted without having detection. Final year more than one hundred,000 of these cubes went out of his magic shop at ten cents a pair, plus just a little slip of paper which gave the directions.

"Then there is Mrs. Beatrice Houdini, the widow in the most renowned magician who ever lived. She joined one of my classes for magicians. It did not take her long to acquire a fancy repertoire and I put her in vaudeville exactly where she went more than using a bang.

"One of the most extraordinary cases of a man remote from the stage planet applying magic movements to his profession would be the Rev. Dr. C. H. Woolston, of Philadelphia. The Quaker City minister employs tricks of magic in his Bible classes to illustrate stories from the Scriptures. Dr. Woolston and I have spent numerous hours together studying out these experiments. I've attended his Bible study classes and have noted how these demonstra tions have impressed the students, apparently indelibly.

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